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The Pact: A Love Story

The Pact: A Love Story - I keep waffling on how I feel about Jodi Picoult's books. I enjoyed Nineteen Minutes, Perfect Match, and Picture Perfect. The last couple that I've read have been really disappointing, but not so much in the entire book, just the resolution. I'm not saying that I like all of my stories to wrap up perfectly in a tidy bow, but some of the endings have been so flabbergasting that I don't know why I just wasted ten hours reading it. Which brings us to The Pact. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was expecting more than this. I kept feeling that there was something more just waiting around the corner, some bomb that Picoult was waiting to drop on the reader, but it never came. The trial was interesting until Chris basically confessed everything and the jury found him not guilty anyway. What? Emily went from sympathetic and understandable to a hot mess, that I didn't know what she was doing. I get that she was depressed, but also unmotivated but yet still motivated? And what exactly did Melanie read in her journal? I was honestly expecting that either James or Michael had been abusing Emily for years, or that she was secretly promiscuous or something, but no, one event (understandably) traumatized her so much that she became depressed almost ten years later, and no one noticed? Was is the pregnancy that pushed her over the edge? It seems like Picoult wrote half the book, then got bored and gave it to some monkeys to complete.

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