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Matched - Ally Condie This was a pretty good book, but it has some serious problems. A lot of the events that moved the plot along were really convenient. Of course, the whole thing about "her" official becomes more clear in the end when you find out that Cassia is just part of the officer's graduate thesis, but the love match between Cassia and Ky is just really forced. Why is there always a love triangle? I did appreciate that both Xander and Ky are genuinely good guys, and neither is a "villain". The only outburst that Xander has is totally understandable because Cassia agreed to the match and then basically cheated on him. I just didn't feel like a lot of the plot points and twists were organic to the story, like randomly removing Ky in handlocks. More subtle hints about the violent side of the Society early one would have helped. I did like the subtle plot points about her parents being rebellious and not just automatons, and how her grandfather was a catalyst to the change. Some of the criticism I've read is about how the author just plunges into this world without any exposition about how it works, but that I liked. It really immerses you into it and feels more genuine. Some of the explanations were a little clunky, as though Cassia was just stepping back and narrating, then diving back into her story. Also, the part I liked the most, the set up of the dystopian society, turns out to be basically copied from lots of other books. This makes me sad, and it affected how I feel about the book as a whole. I'll probably read the rest of the trilogy, but I was a little disappointed that the best part of the book is not original. Is anything original anymore?

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